Saturday, May 4, 2013

Interact Theater Company

Interact Theater Company

My daughter had the pleasure of seeing these awesome performers at one of the statewide conferences she attended this spring. She said they are wonderful! She sent me some photos she took with her phone. I am also including the information about them that was on the conference program she sent to me.


Interact Theater Company
Interact’s mission to create art that challenges perceptions of disability has opened doors for artists with disabilities and audiences eager to experience their work, who might never have seen the arts as a life choice, but who now see the arts as essential to their humanity. With many artists working in theater and/or studio arts, Interact is multi-cultural, intergenerational, and embraces the entire spectrum of disability labels. Their work is driven by a vision of radical inclusion.
Audience ParticipationInteract collaborates with artists with and without disabilities, from mainstream and marginalized communities, whose stories and life experiences are the grist for their original, ensemble-generated theatrical work, and inspire the spectrum of media that is created in their studio. Interact was the first visual and performing arts organization for artists with disabilities, nationally or internationally, that is creating full-time at the professional level, and sharing exciting seasons of performances and exhibitions with their audiences.

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