Saturday, October 2, 2010

Date Night

My husband just knows when I need to have my "fix"...when I am just generally out of sorts and NEED to eat Chinese food. Chinese food is my "drug of choice" to cure what ever is wrong. Chinese food cures the common cold, clears sinus, soothes an upset tummy, calms down nerves, and is a medicinal fix for lots of other ailments! (Disclaimer - check with your doctor before trying any of these "cures," but they work for me!) Caution: Chinese food will raise your blood sugar levels...but it is worth it in moderation. So, last night my husband took me on a DATE NIGHT!

We went to our favorite Chinese food buffet. My husband was smart enough to change from his work clothes to his "buffet pants," you know the kind with the elastic waist! This is a photo of my plate. I try to get a bite or two of everything I love!!! OMG it was extra good last night.

Most people like egg rolls, but I prefer spring rolls. I took these off my plate and put them to the side so I could take this photo of just the spring rolls. They are so light and crisp on the outside and the filling is awesome!

This egg drop soup is the TRUE MEDICINAL CHINESE FOOD! I should have taken a photo before I put soy sauce in it, but this is what it looks like with the soy sauce. Anytime I have a cold, sore throat or any other ailment I can run by and grab an order of egg drop soup to go! When my daughter has had surgery, that required her to have only soft foods, we ran by the Chinese Food place in her area and picked up egg drop soup. It is a good source of protein when you do not feel like eating other things. Remember egg drop soup this winter when the cold season is attacking you!  

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