Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oklahoma Casinos

WOW! I looked up a list to see how many casinos were in the State of Oklahoma and found out there are 33 of them listed. I feel sure there are more going up as I write this post. I knew that the last time we traveled across the state going east on I-40 there was a billboard advertising a new casino every few miles. When I looked at the list it seems that there are casinos in every part of the state. The neat thing about all these casinos is that they are bringing fairly "big name" entertainment to various parts of the state. That is really cool for the rural areas.

We live less that 20 miles one way and less than 30 miles the other way to casinos. We have been to one of them one time when Mom came to visit. We have never been to the other one. First we do not have the money to gamble and second we are both the most unlucky people on the planet when it comes to gambling.

Would we like to go and play the slots? Yes. The next best thing is the computer game my husband has on his game computer. Our friend Pat sent him this computer when his old one died! She knew how much he loved playing the slot game. He also plays craps and card games on the computer. No money spent so none lost!

I wish this blog had sound. When he hits the jackpot on his computer games it makes all the real sounds of slot machines. He also sets a timer to see how long it takes to hit the next jackpot. He cracks me! Tomorrow 11/18 is his birthday and this is probably what he will be doing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HUSBAND!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Dennis! Also, I'm so happy that my old computer is bringing joy a second time around! Love you guys!