Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post Shopping/Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving was great. We made reservations at Ingrid's Kitchen in Oklahoma City and enjoyed dinner with our daughter, my husband's boss and her husband. Before going to dinner on Thanksgiving, our daughter and I went on the first bargain hunting shopping trip for Christmas gifts.
On Friday morning we hit our first store at 5:00 am and loaded up on some really good deals.
Next we picked up my husband's boss and took her Christmas shopping. In the middle of the day we picked up my husband, at our daughter's house, and took him to get a piece of equipment fixed for one of his clients. While we were gone he had boiled a whole chicken, so we made a pan of chicken and cornbread dressing for him to bake while we were gone on  the next shopping trip. Our final shopping of the day was the grocery store, to purchase supplies to make chili for supper. Our daughter also made the best deviled eggs. Crazy menu....chicken and dressing, deviled eggs and chili! Plus, pecan pie with chocolate chips, sweet potato pie and peppermint pie. I will tell you about these pies in future blogs.
On Saturday we decorated our daughter's house inside and outside for Christmas. Here is a photo of my husband with the lights we are about to hang across the front of her porch. Note that he is in shorts and barefoot...the weather was just beautiful! We also wrapped all the Christmas presents we purchased the two days before. Our Christmas shopping and decorating are done for 2010!
This is how the decorations look as night begins to fall.
This photo shows my husband sitting on the porch admiring our Christmas decorating at "the baby's" house. With our jobs done, we headed west to go home and love two cats who were missing us.

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