Friday, March 18, 2011

Krazy Coupon Lady

This information is from the website of Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer who are extreme coupon users and have awesome advice for the rest of us. You need to check out their site and learn how they do it! These impressive young ladies have coupon use down to a fine art! With the price of everything going up, we all need to learn from them. There are lots of coupons that can be printed directly from their site so fire up your printer and get started.

Who is this broad and how is she getting all this stuff for Free?

TheKrazyCouponLady, (KCL) is a place where savvy women (& secure men) come to find ways to save huge sums of cash!
At KCL, we teach you how to collect and redeem coupons with precision! We’re a great site for both couponing (v.) veterans and novice coupon users, or as we’ll affectionately refer to you here, “Coupon Virgins”. We’ll teach you to talk the talk in our Coupon Lingo, walk the walk in Coupon Basics and we’ll even help you get organized with your Coupon Binder before we send you out on your own!
Each week we scour your favorite local and national grocery ads for the best bargains. Then we start getting Krazy! We match these deals with coupons, overlapping promotions and rebates until you’re saving way over 50%, getting things for free and sometimes even getting paid to shop!

Who are the Krazy Coupon Ladies? We’re savvy young moms on a mission to slash our grocery bills by 50-90%! So get ready to hear your cashiers gasp and applaud as you purchase everyday items for pennies on the dollar! Get your Coupon Swagger on and get ready to hit the aisles!

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