Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chicken Fried Steak w/ Onion Gravy

I always scan the meat counter and look for the orange "reduced" tag on the packages of meat. If I do not plan on using the meat right away, I put it in the freezer. As you can see on this package of round steak I saved $2.35 just by looking for the reduced price.
Just because meat has a reduced tag does not mean it is not fresh. Usually it still has the same sell by date. Just make sure it is still "bright" colored and has no brownish spots.
My husband seasons his all purpose flour with garlic powder and pepper. Then he puts the round steak into the flower and coats both sides. He does not use egg or any thing other than flour on his chicken fried steak. He says that using the other dredges only adds more "breading" and he does not like the extra breading.
He puts the coated pieces of round steak on a rack to "rest," so the flour sticks better, before frying. He heats the oil in the skillet so it is ready before placing the round steak in the pan.
He fries the meat 7 or 8 minutes on each side until it is done.
He places the cooked meat on a rack to allow the grease to drip off.
He washed and cut up red potatoes with the skins left on. Boiled them until they were done, using a fork to test for softness. He drained the water off the potatoes. Since he was using his PAULA DEEN pan he added a stick of BUTTER and a little milk to the potatoes and mashed them with his hand masher.
These potatoes with the skins left on are really good!
After he got the meat fried he used the left over oil to make onion gravy. He put a chopped up onion in the oil and sauteed for a few minutes until tender. Then he added flour and milk and stirred until bubbly. He makes a really thick gravy, that is just awesome.
He served his chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy and corn. Yummy! This is my husband says if you are proud of your chicken fried steak you put the gravy under the steak.....I still like mine on top. Also in the south they have country fried steak with brown gravy and in our area it is chicken fried with white gravy.

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