Saturday, November 12, 2011

Craft Room

One of the blogs I follow is Taylor Made...I love her blog and all the great ideas for making craft items. Recently she has been doing a series of CRAFT ROOM photos. I am in awe of how beautiful and organized all of the craft rooms have been. I am jealous! Go to the Taylor Made blog and look at how beautiful and organized a craft room could be:       

This is what my craft area looks like...I share the space with a spare bedroom.

The corner behind the door and the closet door is where I keep my seasonal and scrapbook items. Extra basket paper and gifts can be found on the top shelf. I have always wanted to get containers or baskets, but I just use copy paper boxes or other boxes and write on them.
On the other side of the room I have my blog and ideas notebook. I also keep supplies for some current projects handy on the extra desk area. Taylor Made on the computer!
Next to that I have three more shelves that have boxes of fabric, ribbon, craft supplies, and many other things I might need. This time of year I set up a card table that works as a wrapping station for my Christmas gift wrapping. It is so much easier to keep a list of what I have purchased and what I have wrapped, to cut out some of the holiday stress! Plus, at my age you just can't remember.
Now do you see why I am jealous of all the beautiful craft rooms over at Taylor Made!


  1. thanks so much for linking up :) I love the idea of keeping a list for the gifts you have already purchased and wrapped! I will start to wrap presents then forget and I always get too much hehe!

  2. My craft room isn't much better. You and I both work full-time and blog, so we have good reasons for not being super organized with our craft stuff! ;)