Saturday, September 7, 2013

Grace Cat

Grace is my daughter's cat who doesn't know she is a cat.
When my husband enters my daughter's house Grace leads him to her water dish so he will give her fresh water. Now it does not matter if she had fresh water just before he arrived. She thinks he still needs to give her fresh water, because he puts a couple of ice cubes in it!
My daughter swears I taught Grace to jump up on the bathroom sink and drink water out of the faucet...I did not...Grace just jumped up there and showed me where she wanted to get water and I turned it on for her. She would have done it herself, but the faucet was too hard for her to turn on. I do believe she could master one of the kind you just have to touch!
This is NOT Grace's ice water!
When I enter the house she flops down on her side and uses one "arm" to pull herself over to where I am. It is so pitiful to watch and makes me laugh every time. She is one of those cats that when you reach out to pet her you might get a bloody hand back. I have learned to pick her up and hold her, so she knows that I am not playing with her. It amazes everyone that she will let me hold her. She is always happy to see us when we arrive and we love messing with her while we are there.
These photos below are from the last time we were at her house. I had kicked off my shoes and Grace immediately grabbed them and started hugging them, rubbing them, rolling over and over with them. It was quite a funny site to watch. I have no clue what she thought she was doing. My daughter snapped these photos with her phone for me.

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