Sunday, October 20, 2013

Antique Crafts to Make Now

I looked up on the cabinet above the clothes dryer today, and hanging there was a pretty ugly "craft" that my Grandmother "Mama Gen" had made probably 40 years ago. No telling how many years I have had it hanging there! It is the second photo. It made me think of sharing with you some of the "antique" crafts hanging out at my house. My kids would have tossed these things long ago, but they make me smile.

 Below in the first photo you will see on the left a YARN WEATHER FORECASTER. If you knit this might be a fun little thing to make. I do not knit so no telling where I picked up this crafty item. The old yellowing paper attached to it says,
 "You are the proud owner of an "Okie" weather forecaster.
 For best results, hang on a nail outside your window.
If it's moving, it's windy.
If it's wet, it's raining.
If its stiff, it's freezing.
If it's white, it's snowing.
If it's gone, it's been ripped off!

The middle "GRAPE CLUSTER" reminds me of my Granny. As long as I can remember she had a couple of these hanging on her wall. I wish I had one of hers, but this one I picked up at an auction or garage sale. It is beautiful craft work. The grapes are made by crocheting over/around pop bottle lids. The grape leaves and hanging loop also display excellent crocheting skills.

The third item on the right in the top photo is a BOOK MARK. It is made by weaving yarn in and out of that plastic mesh stuff that was so popular years ago.

This second photo is the craft my Mama Gen made. It has a message that goes with it too.
Put your THIMBLE in my pocket...
Stick your NEEDLES in my knees...
Put your THREAD down my neck...
and Hang me where you please!!
She gave these to lots of people and I even remember the fabric of some of the others being much prettier than this one. She was always sewing something, so I rarely saw her without her thimble on her finger. She made quilts all the time and loved to mend things for people.

This old craft, in this third photo, is made from two dish cloths and some yarn. It's attached verse is...
Don't be misguided.
Don't be misled.
These aren't for you, but for your dishes instead.
Take out the bows.
Take out the stitches.
You've got two dishcloths, but you've lost your britches!

Hope you have enjoyed my "antique craft" show! Or at the very least it made you smile. I know I have plenty more hidden away.  Look around at your house or your parents house and I bet you can find a few "antique crafts".
Note: This was one of the first posts I did when I started my blog and I wanted to share it again, because I love these funny craft ideas.

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