Monday, October 14, 2013

Last Minute Costume for Halloween Party

If you find yourself invited to a last minute Halloween Party and do not want to go out and spend lots of money on a costume to wear try these creative creations. Just black plastic trash bags, white plastic trash bags, marker, tape or glue and a pair of scissors.

This is a photo of me, my Mother and my Sister at the Bob Ross International Conference in Washington, DC. My mom is a certified Bob Ross oil painting instructor and took us along for the fun. It was at Halloween time so they had a Halloween party and costume contest. We were provided with a "kit" and had to create our costumes out of only the things in the kit. We opened our kits and found black trash bags, white trash bags, markers, tape, glue, scissors, straws, string, and a couple of other equally goofy materials.

I turned out to be a big M & M, mom was a cell phone and my sister a domino. A couple of years before that my mom turned her "kit" into a French Maid costume. I am sure there are lots and lots of things that you could do to make a Halloween costume out of these inexpensive items.

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