Sunday, December 8, 2013

Legend of the Silver Pine Cone

I have posted this before but I love to share the legend...Go find some pine cones and spray paint them silver and attach a copy of the Legend of the Silver Pine Cone to give as gifts or tie on top of a gift you are giving. We have also made these to give out in the classroom at Christmas. Silver Pinecones are suppose to be very lucky. We all need a little extra luck these days.

(these look gold in this photo but they are silver!) 
(check this out...same pine cones...different color fabric made them the silver color)

There once lived a poor family without enough food to eat or enough wood for their fire. The mother decided to go into the forest to search for pine cones. She was planning to use the pine cones to build a fire for her family, and she was also hoping she could sell some of them to get money to buy food.

After walking for hours, the mother finally reached the forest and started gathering pine cones into her basket. Suddenly, she heard a voice say, "Why are you stealing my pine cones?" with that, an elf appeared beside her. She explained her sad story to the elf. With a crooked smile, the elf said, "Go into the next forest. The pine cones there are much better."

Hesitantly, the mother set off to the next forest, which was even farther away. When she reached it, she was very tired. She leaned against a tree and sat her basket on the ground. No sooner had she set down her basket, and dozens of pine cones started falling to the  ground.

Filled with renewed energy, she gathered all the pine cones into her basket and returned home. Exhausted, she set the basket on her doorstep. When she looked down at the basket of pine cones, they had all turned to silver!! The family would never be poor again.

(these are silver too! how is the green fabric I put them on for the photo)
(photo using flash and they look almost white)

According to legend, it is customary to keep one on your dresser and desk. And a basket of them on the mantle of the fireplace.

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