Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pine Cone Angel

Pine cones and spray paint! Two of my favorite things. Simple child friendly crafts can be made from a painted pine cone and a couple other items. My grandson loves to make things, and he loves it when I make up something new for him to do. First I make a "pattern" project for him to look at and then I put all the things he will need to make his own in a zip lock bag. He thinks it is awesome to have his "kit" to take home, for him and his mother to do the craft. Makes me laugh...his mother is not my artsy crafty child!

This Angel is made from one pine cone spray painted white. One cotton ball for the head, one pipe cleaner cut in two pieces to make the halo and hands, four feathers for the wings and some Elmer's glue. How simple is that?
Just glue the cotton ball on top of the pine cone, glue the pipe cleaner circle on top of the cotton ball for the halo, twist the other part of the pipe cleaner around the body and fold the ends to make "hands," glue the feathers down in the back of the pine cone to make the angel's wings.
Besides entertaining me...with the thought of my daughter helping my grandson make this pine cone angel....these angels can be used for place card holders at a dinner party. I just know Sandra Lee, from Semi-Homemade on the Food Network, would make an entire table scape with an angel theme, if she had this angel! You could also attach a hanger and hang them from the Christmas tree, or place next to a cute little Christmas decoration, or make several and attach them to a wreath.

The main thing is to lighten up and have fun doing something inexpensive.  Not all Christmas decorations need to be from the expensive designer section!

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