Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Historic Rock Bluff School

This wonderful old rock school building is located on the grounds of the Old Town Museum, which is on Historic Route 66 in Elk City, Oklahoma.

It is worth a trip to Western Oklahoma to see what a great job the people in Elk City have done in creating the Old Town Museum site with all the historic buildings and furnishings.

They have furnished the inside of the Rock Bluff School to allow people to step inside and see through the glass wall what the classroom looked like back in the day.

Minus the pot belly wood heating stove, this is very much what the classrooms looked like when I was in school. It was exciting to get the first classroom desks, with actual chairs not the fold up bench seat attached to the desk behind.

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  1. We had those kind of desks when I was in the first and second grade at Southside in Rogers,AR. I thought they were so cool!