Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Reuse Altoids Tins

I just hate throwing anything away that might be reused or turned into something useful. I love Altoids mints and seem to accumulate the empty tins. I decided they had to be used for something! First I spray painted them silver. Then I looked in my craft supplies to find some way to decorate the tins. I came up with some foam sticker letters and some "jewels" to put on the silver tins. Since I had these things left over from other projects, I did not spend more money to decorate them. This is a photo of the Altoids tins I decorated, but this would be a great project for children.

I made one for my granddaughter to toss in her bag or the glove box in her car. I filled it with nail clippers, nail file, replacement nails and nail glue. Another one I filled with emergency sewing supplies: thread, needles, buttons, safety pins and a seam riper to cut the thread. I thought it would be a great way to take a tiny first aid kit in the suitcase, car, purse or desk drawer. I added asprin, antacid, allergy pills, band aids, and wipes. Since I buy packages of loose cough drops I used one to keep the cough drops. Candy corn? How did that get in there? As you can see these Altoids tins would be good for a variety of small things on the go.

The tins could be painted any color and decorated with all kinds of stickers, jewels or paint your own design on them. They would be cool painted with your school colors and kept in a school locker or book bag. Just remember if you have things like Altoids tins try to reuse them.

Make a comment on this post and let me know other ways I can use Altoids tins.

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