Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pork Loin

This is another version of a pork loin cooked in the crock pot. My husband put the pork loin in the crock pot with whole red potatoes and a whole onion before we left for work. He only seasoned with black pepper and salt on top of the loin. He put a cup of water in the pot to keep the loin from sticking to the bottom. He set the crock pot on high.
When we returned home 10 hours later the pork loin had the house smelling so wonderful.
He cooked Kentucky Wonder green beans with some of the crock pot juice to give them added flavor. Took the loin out of the pot to cool while he whipped up a batch of cornbread. This was a wonderful meal for a week night dinner.

Since the loin was too big for us to eat before we got tired of it, we put enough slices in ziplock freezer bags to have for dinner a couple more times. We also freeze extra meat such as loin or meatloaf to pack in our lunches. We just take them out of the freezer and put in our lunch plates the night before. By the time we are ready to microwave our lunch at work the meat has thawed and is perfect.

Another way he fixes pork loin in the crock pot is to pour half a can of pineapple in the bottom of the pot and then pour the other half of the can on top of the pork loin. This gives the pork loin and good flavor.

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