Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spray Paint Clean Up

For some reason when I use spray paint, I end up with the paint all over at least two fingers and under my finger nails. I tried lots of things to get the paint off and ended up with red sore fingers. I do not like to use chemicals, so I just put up with the results of scraping the paint off.
One day after spray painting something I was at the sink washing my hands and trying to get the paint off. I looked up and saw the sponge. I put a little extra dish soap on the green scrubbing side of the sponge and the paint came off with out leaving my fingers sore! Duh...why did I not think of that sooner. It took half as much time and had better results. Hope you can use this tip.

1 comment:

  1. Great tip! I have plastic gloves like they use at the doctor's office but usually forget to put them on or think that just this one time I won't let this happen. I'm always wrong! They say if you coat your hands with petroleum jelly that the paint won't stick. I haven't ever remembered to try it!