Friday, February 25, 2011

Brush Your Cat

Brushing your cat not only removes dirt, grease and dead hair from her coat, but it helps to remove skin flakes and stimulates blood circulation, improving the overall condition of her skin. One or two brushings per week will help kitty to keep her healthy glow and you’ll find that regular sessions are especially beneficial when your cat ages and is no longer able to groom so meticulously on her own. I captured these RARE photos of Callie Ann in my husband's lap and allowing him to brush her! Callie Ann is NOT a lap cat, but she was loving the attention. It was her idea or it would not have been happening!
Brushing your cat also cuts down on the number of hair balls they have from grooming themselves. My husband brushes both cats, but usually just a stroke or two and they take off.
Look at Callie Ann's eyes....she things this is so wonderful. She is so relaxed.
Notice her tail up on my husband's t-shirt. When she comes walking into a room she has that plume tail straight up and does her ROYAL entrance.
When brushing your cat you should start at their head and go all the way to their tail. Remember to brush their tail too.
I think Callie Ann would have gone to sleep if I had not been snapping photos of her.
Callie Ann was rescued by my grandchildren from the barn of a local farmer. Now look at this cat and you will agree she was meant to be the Queen House Cat and not a barn cat. We think she is just beautiful. Of course we are the only ones who ever see her, because she runs and hides under our bed the minute she hears a strange voice in the house. I am still in shock that she was in his lap and that she allowed me to snap this many photos. Brush Your Cat.

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