Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Pants

Ree the Pioneer Woman is forever taking photos of the back side of her Cowboy Husband's Wranglers, so I thought I needed to do a little parody and take these photos of my Cook Husband's Happy Pants while he was cooking.
He wears these pants most weekends and of course he is usually cooking something. Ree's husband is always rounding up cattle and my husband is always rounding up something good to eat! We are both lucky to have husbands that tolerate our crazy ideas and help us with our blog photos.


  1. Dennis has a happy butt, lol. Dennis you still know how to make me laugh.

  2. Never seen a chucklin' booty! You go Dennis! Does his food taste better when he's in these britches? Make flaming banana foster will turn that smile into a frown if they're flammable. Lol Tiffiany