Thursday, February 17, 2011

Elk City, OK - Awesome Displays

These are a few of the displays set up at the National Route 66 Museum and Old Town Museum site in Elk City, Oklahoma. These displays are set up so that you can look in the window and take a look back at history. They have put together some really awesome displays. You need to take a trip to Elk City, Oklahoma on Historic Route 66 and see these displays for yourself!
These two photos show the outside and the inside of the barber shop.
This next photo is suppose to show the inside of the land office, but the glass front display captured me taking the photo and my husband waiting patiently in the van. Bless his heart he never knows when we are going to suddenly stop and I jump out to take a photo of something to use in a blog post.
I love love love this Campbell Kids clock.
The general store display contained several things I thought were neat. Note the S & H Green Stamp machine in the photo. I remember my mom and grandmother collecting those stamps. You were given so many stamps per percentage of items purchased at lots of stores. It was their way of getting people to shop at their business like the bonus points are today. My sister and I were "allowed" to lick them and stick them in the books. Well, it took years before I figured out they just did not want to lick those nasty things themselves. I also remember the excitement of getting the new S & H Greenn Stamp catalog and pouring over it for hours to see what we might get with our green stamp books when we had filled them with the stamps.
This display shows the watch maker F.L. Kelley.
Kelley Jewelers is a three generation store on Main Street in Weatherford, Oklahoma.
 F.L. Kelley, David Kelley and Kristen Kelley have all operated the family owned business.
Look at these office machines! Wow! They were state of the art in their time.
I must say the NATIONAL ROUTE 66 MUSEUM AND OLD TOWN MUSEUM are both something worth taking the time to visit in Elk City, Oklahoma. These displays are only a small part of the several blocks of buildings and themed displays.              Get your kicks on Route 66!

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