Monday, August 26, 2013

Cover Text Books

I have used wallpaper samples, fabric, paper bags, recycled gift bags, wrapping paper and all sorts of things to cover text books over the years. I found this neat article in my e-mail about covering text books I wanted to share with you. I love their newsletter and recommend you sign up to receive it too.

Covering textbooks is a back-to-school tradition, protecting them from damage and creating a unique statement. Use our cover ideas to turn books into one-of-a-kind pieces of self-expression.

Paper Bag Book Cover

Turn easy-to-find, simple-to-fold paper bags into a book cover, then dress it up in fun ways.
Large brown
grocery bag

  1. Open grocery bag along seams and flatten, with printed side facing up.
  2. Fold top edge of bag down 2” from top. Line up top of textbook along folded edge.
  3. Crease bottom edge of bag against the bottom of the textbook to make a guideline.
  4. Cut bag about 2” from the guideline, then fold up to the bottom edge of textbook.
  5. Close the book cover over the book, leaving about 3” on each edge. Fold end over the edge of the slightly opened book cover to make a crease.
  6. Insert one side of book's cover into the folded end of the book cover.
  7. Tape the flap to secure.
  8. Close the book and insert the other side of the book into the cover. Tape to secure.

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