Saturday, August 24, 2013

Money Tree

A money tree is a great gift idea for a wedding, baby shower, graduation party, birthday, or any other event where you want to give a unique gift. I made this money tree by going out in my yard and cutting off a small limb of a tree that had several branches. Then I spray painted it white. Next, I spray painted a gallon can white.
After the paint dried I took some bricks and stacked in the can and put the limb down in between the bricks. You have to use something heavy like bricks or rocks in the can so it will not tip over when you put the limb in the can. If you do not have a gallon can you can use a flower pot.
Next, I stuffed wadded up paper in the can around the bricks to make it sturdy. Then I put glue on top of the paper and topped with yellow Easter basket grass. I always buy extra Easter basket grass after Easter to use in various craft projects and gift baskets. Then I tied a bow on the can.  
I took the dollar bills and fan folded them. Kind of pinch them in the middle before tying on the tree. After you get them tied on the tree, spread out the ends. I also tied large paper clips on the tree to allow others to put money on the tree at the event.  
This is a fairly inexpensive gift...except the actual
It does take a little planning ahead and time to make it, but
it looks impressive when it is done and given to the recipient.

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