Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I got a package at work from my mother and this is what was inside!
My mom knows how much I LOVE avocados.
To all you moms....
no matter how old your child happens to be you can still spoil them.
My mom is the best, and even if I am 58...she still spoils me:)
If you plan to ship avocados make sure you purchase firm ones that are still not ripe.
If you try to ship soft ripe ones they might turn to mush during the shipping.


  1. I can just see your mom chuckling as she packed and shipped these avocados to you! Nobody loves giving a surprise to the ones she loves than Pansy!

  2. What a great gift to receive! I love guacamole!

  3. Now you have to tell us what you're going to do with them all!