Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oldest Daughter

When our oldest daughter came into our lives, she was a gift. Today is her 34th Birthday.
I was lucky I did not have to go through labor to have her. My friend Bonnie did that for me.
Getting her through high school was rather laborious, because she really was not fond of going to school. You have no idea of the pride I felt when both of our girls walked across that stage. Now she goes to school everyday! She works with special needs students and is the school district coordinator for the Special Olympics. She is really good with those children.
She loves to change her hair color and length quite often as shown in these photos. Blonde, red and red and blonde. There is never a dull moment when she is around. She and I often disagree, because she acts just like me some of the time. Not a good thing. She is the mother of Granny's Love, aka our grandson, and our only Granddaughter.....that is the true gift of life!
Granny's Love and Our Granddaughter


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

This is a photo of me in front of St. Jude Hospital, the year I was the State of Arkansas Circle of Life Chairman for Epsilson Sigma Alpha. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is one of the international projects of ESA and they have donated millions of dollars over the years.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, founded in 1962, is a leading pediatric treatment and research facility focused on children's catastrophic diseases. It is located in Memphis, Tennessee. It is a nonprofit medical corporation chartered as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization under IRS regulations.

St. Jude was founded by entertainer Danny Thomas on the premise that "no child should die in the dawn of life." Thomas named the hospital for Saint Jude Thaddeus, the Catholic patron saint of hospitals, desperate cases and lost causes. Thomas was a struggling young entertainer when he knelt in a Detroit church before a statue of St. Jude Thaddeus and asked the saint to "show me my way in life and I will build you a shrine."

Thomas believed his prayer was answered, and he soon moved his family to Chicago to pursue career offers. In 1957, Thomas founded the American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities (ALSAC), which helped him realize his dream. ALSAC is also the fundraising organization of St. Jude. Since St. Jude opened its doors in 1962, ALSAC has had the responsibility of raising the necessary funds to keep the hospital open. Memphis was chosen at the suggestion of Samuel Stritch, a Tennessee native who had been a spiritual advisor to Thomas since he presided at Thomas's confirmation in Thomas's boyhood home of Toledo, Ohio.
In 2010 St. Jude Children's Research Hospital was named the number one children's cancer hospital in U.S by U.S. News and World Report. If you ever have extra money this is a great place to send it and help the children.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dressed Up Dogs

Alexxus, Aalyiah and Traeton entertained themselves one afternoon last week by dressing up their dogs. I wish I would have been there to have watched them, because I know they were all three laughing and having a good time. Their mom Tiffiany sent me these photos she took  of the Dressed Up Dogs. The photos made me laugh, just too funny to see dogs in clothes.
These photos should make you laugh too!
 I promise my cats would never allow me to put clothes on them.
This must be the "CoverDog" pose.
My cats would never allow clothes, but they would for sure never pose for a photo.
I tried and tried to flip this last photo right side up and failed!
You can still see the dog in its K9 outfit.
This is another reason I dislike cell phone photos...Tiffiany, the mom who took these photos has PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS hanging on her wall that SHE TOOK with a real camera! The girl is a great photographer...she needs to put up the cell phone and get out the real camera and take photos of these children and their dogs. Still I must say, Thanks for the photos and the laugh.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bell's Palsy

My daughter called yesterday. She had spent several hours at the hospital emergency room the night before. She had lost feeling in the left side of her face and it was droopy in appearance. She was told that she has Bell's palsy and they prescribed steroids for her to take for several days. I had heard of Bell's palsy before, but it really scared me when it happened to my "baby." (she will be 34 on August 22, but she is still my baby) I looked at several sites to learn more about it and found out that it happens to a lot of people. There is even a Bell's palsy site that people can sign up to become a member and chat with others afflicted with the condition. I just hope hers gets better fast.

What is Bell's palsy?
Bell's palsy is a paralysis or weakness of the muscles on one side of your face. Damage to the facial nerve that controls muscles on one side of the face causes that side of your face to droop . The nerve damage may also affect your sense of taste and how you make tears and saliva. This condition comes on suddenly, often overnight, and usually gets better on its own within a few weeks.
Bell's palsy is not the result of a stroke or a transient ischemic attack (TIA). While stroke and TIA can cause facial paralysis, there is no link between Bell's palsy and either of these conditions. But sudden weakness that occurs on one side of your face should be checked by a doctor right away to rule out these more serious causes.
What causes Bell's palsy?
The cause of Bell's palsy is not clear. Most cases are thought to be caused by the herpes virus that causes cold sores. But, there are no real facts about the actual cause.
In most cases of Bell's palsy, the nerve that controls muscles on one side of the face is damaged by inflammation.
Many health problems can cause weakness or paralysis of the face. If a specific reason cannot be found for the weakness, the condition is called Bell's palsy.
What are the symptoms?
Symptoms of Bell's palsy include:
Sudden weakness or paralysis on one side of your face that causes it to droop. This is the main symptom. It may make it hard for you to close your eye on that side of your face.
Eye problems, such as excessive tearing or a dry eye.
Loss of ability to taste.
Pain in or behind your ear.
Numbness in the affected side of your face.
Increased sensitivity to sound.
How is Bell's palsy diagnosed?
Your doctor may diagnose Bell's palsy by asking you questions, such as about how your symptoms developed. He or she will also give you a physical and neurological exam to check facial nerve function.
If the cause of your symptoms is not clear, you may need other tests, such as blood tests, an MRI, or a CT scan.
How is it treated?
Most people who have Bell's palsy recover completely, without treatment, in 1 to 2 months. This is especially true for people who can still partly move their facial muscles. But a small number of people may have permanent muscle weakness or other problems on the affected side of the face.
If your doctor suspects that your Bell's palsy is caused by inflammation, you may be given corticosteroids, such as prednisone, to reduce the inflammation. If your doctor thinks that a virus is causing your Bell's palsy, he or she may prescribe antiviral drugs, such as acyclovir. But there is no clear evidence that antiviral drugs are effective for Bell's palsy.
How can you care for yourself at home?
Facial exercises. As the nerve in your face begins to work again, doing simple exercises-such as tightening and relaxing your facial muscles-may make those muscles stronger and help you recover more quickly. Massaging your forehead, cheeks, and lips with oil or cream may also help.
Eye care. If you can't blink or close your eye fully, your eye may become dry. A dry eye can lead to sores and serious vision problems. To help protect the eye and keep it moist:
Use your finger to close and open your eyelid often throughout the day.
Use eye drops ("artificial tears") or ointment. Those that contain methyl cellulose are a good choice and don't require a prescription. You may want to use drops during the day and ointment at night while you sleep. Ask your doctor how often to use the drops.
Wear an eye patch while you sleep, and wear glasses or goggles the rest of the time.
Mouth care. If you have no feeling and little saliva on one side of your tongue, food may get stuck there, leading to gum disease or tooth decay. Brush and floss your teeth often and well to help prevent these problems. To prevent swallowing problems, eat slowly and chew your food well. Eating soft, smooth foods, such as yogurt, may also help.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sausage Omelet

My husband turned two left-over cooked sausage patties and two left-over cooked biscuits into a delightful meal. SAUSAGE OMELET WITH TOASTED BISCUITS!
First he took 1/2 chopped onion and sauteed it in a tiny bit of cooking oil. Then he added the broke up sausage patties and some chopped jalapeno peppers. Cook until sausage is warm.
Next he whipped two eggs and put them in a skillet with some preheated oil.
He let the eggs cook just a couple minutes and then added half the sausage, onion and jalapeno mixture on top of the eggs.
Next he added some shredded Mexican cheese on top of the sausage mixture.
He let the eggs get solid enough to flip over half of the mixture onto the top  of the other half, to create the omelet. While the omelet was cooking he cut two biscuits in half and put butter on them and toasted them in another skillet.
Flip the omelet out onto a plate and sprinkle a bit of additional shredded cheese on top. Serve with the toasted biscuits and your favorite jelly!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Buffi Neal - Wonderfully Dysfunctional

Below are the words of Buffi Neal describing one of her books. This young lady writes the funniest blog ever! I have been following her blog for several months and it just dawned on me that I should tell you to check her out.  I love to receive the latest postings in my e-mail, lately she has gone missing from blogging...but read her older posts until she gets back to blogging...I know she is busy with her books and having a fun summer with her kids. I highly recommend you sign up as a follower of and you will also find the information on how to obtain her books. She is an awesome writer!

A gypsy mother who refused to wear a bra and a father who had two wives. A brother who slept under the coffee table and a sister who was kidnapped. A homosexual minister, a missing uncle and a feisty red-headed grandmother who was longing to leave it all.
I always knew my family was unusual, but I was lucky enough to have escaped that gene. Or was I? In a nursing home, seated next to my dying grandmother, I looked around at my family and it occurred to me that I fit right in. No bra, dirty sneakers and two ex husbands. Maybe it really is genetic - maybe I never had a chance.
With the help of my siblings, I began a journey of self discovery as we recalled stories of our youth including juicy family secrets, inappropriate practical jokes and betrayal.
On a journey to find normal, I found myself instead.

I can relate to her being on a journey to find herself in the middle of a crazy life. Everyone has always told me I should write a book about all the unbelievable things that happen in my everyday life. I just laugh, because no one would believe half the nutty stuff that really happens. It is like a soap opera around here most of the time. Not so much now that the girls have grown up and moved has calmed down a bunch.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cars 2

It seems like it was forever ago that the CARS movie came out and now it is time for  the new movie CARS 2 opening in theaters everywhere! I think from all the previews I've seen it is going to be awesome. I thought the first CARS movie was really more for adults, and every time I watched it I noticed something I had not seen the other times! The movie just has so many tiny details it is really wonderful. I can't wait to see the new CARS 2!

My grandson aka Granny's Love wanted his room decorated with cars and race type logos after the first CARS movie. Of course, that was when he was a "little" he is into other action figures and "big boy" stuff...he is almost seven. I am re posting from 12-31-10 so all you moms out there can be getting ready to give those CARS 2 guys a cool room.

I took his chest of drawers and painted it black on the sides and top and white on the drawers. Then I painted "roads" across all the drawers. Since he had lots of the McDonald's Happy Meal cars from the movie CARS, I took the cars and replaced all the drawer pulls with those Happy Meal cars. It transformed the chest of drawers into a really cute new look for his room.
His room had two huge windows. I made curtains out of cars themed bed sheets and the valance out of the pillow cases. It was cheaper than buying enough ready made curtains for all those windows. Then from the party store we got the checker flag banners and stapled up around the entire top of his wall. We even attached a Towmater truck to the pull on his ceiling fan. After adding posters and other accents he had a custom decorated room for a money saving value.
Make a comment and share your money saving decorating ideas.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pork Butt

Place washed cut up pieces of sweet potatoes in the bottom of the crock pot.
Place pork butt roast on top of the sweet potoatoes.
Dump can of pineapple chuncks and juice on top of pork butt.
Season with black pepper, Accent, garlic powder and what ever else you might like.
Add a cut up onion around the pork butt roast.
Cook approximately 6 hours on high in crock pot.
The last hour we moved the potatoes to the top of the pot.
This was the most tender pork butt roast ever!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beat the Heat with a Pool

It is so hot in Western Oklahoma...Tiffiany and Alexxus are trying to beat the heat with a cool dip in the pool. I took these photos from inside the house, when we stopped by for a visit. Next time I head that way I plan to take my swimsuit and try it out too!
My daughter sent me this photo of Erica in the pool having fun.
What is your favorite backyard swimming pool memory?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The 7 Germiest Public Places

I love receiving my e-mails with all kinds of topics of things happening in the world. They even have care2 e-greeting cards that I enjoy sending. They have a variety of writers that contribute to the newsletter. The other day I was drawn to the headline "The 7 Germiest Public Places." I thought I would share the list with you and also recommend you sign up to receive the Care 2 newsletters. I am only going to list the 7 places, but you can log on to read the full article by Maria Rodale.

The 7 Germist Public Places

Restaurant Menus
Lemon Wedges
Condiment Dispensers
Restroom Door Handles
Soap Dispensers
Grocery Carts
Airplane Bathrooms
Doctors Offices
(my husband said #8 is ATM keypads)

The full article tells why each one of these 7 places contain so many germs and how you can prevent transfering them to you. So, check out and is a new original source for daily news, information, and advice on personal and environmental health. focuses on “Where Health Meets Green” topics, providing daily news stories and breaking news along with easy-to-follow, high-impact tips and advice. features a Daily Newsletter, and provides simple, powerful tools including Recipe Finder and Home Remedy Finder to help audiences improve their health and their environment. also includes "Maria's Farm Country Kitchen," a personal blog where Editor-in-Chief and Rodale, Inc. CEO and Chairman Maria Rodale is “Cooking Up Trouble, Dishing Out Advice.”

Read more:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Tisket a Tasket - Cleaning Basket

My friend Pat is going to close on another house today. She is all excited about buying this house, and told me the first thing she was going to do was to deep clean everything plus paint all the rooms. Of course, there are a few other things she is planning like flooring, etc. before she moves into the house. Since I was going to see her before the closing I thought I would make her a little congratulations on the house CLEANING BASKET.
I already had a neat basket, ribbon, and shrink wrap (but I did not shrink it) for the basket.
I made a quick trip to Family Dollar and spent a total of $6.00 on glass cleaner, bleach cleaner, all purpose cleaner and sponges. Then I went home and added a roll of paper towels and masking tape. I have to use masking tape when I paint.
Next my husband ran into Ace Hardware for me and picked up some paint samples, and also found this cool interior style booklet to include in the basket. He does not see colors well, so the samples he picked out were actually pretty neat. The colors really did not matter cause Pat and I don't like the same colors at all....for example I LOVE bright colors and she prefers the softer tones in more neutral colors. This house she is buying has lime green and orange kitchen walls and the bathroom is turquoise and purple! The living room has navy blue and dark brown on a couple walls.....oh my......Pat will have those tamed down in a couple days!
Then after she uses the cleaning supplies out of the basket she can use the basket as storage on a shelf, or to put a piece of greenery in and adorn the top of her kitchen cabinets, or lots of other things she might need a round basket with handles.
I did not paint the room you see behind the daughter is gold on the top half and purple on the bottom half with a border in the middle. Before she moved out she had leopard print border, and I changed it to the white picket fence with gazebos and cottages for my craft room. I need to repaint all the rooms in my house, but I am just not into moving all the stuff.

At any rate, this basket would also make a good gift for a wedding shower, grads going off to college or for their first apartment, and any other occasion that a CLEANING BASKET would be needed.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Grown kids can find the neatest things to give their father's for FATHER'S DAY...This year my husband received a four DVD set of Get Smart television shows...26 total shows. He was thrilled! Our daughter was giggling when she gave it to him, because she confessed she knew it would drive me crazy listening to them. This is the same child that thinks like him, acts like him and found him a boxed set of ten million (not really just seems like it) DVD Beverly Hillbillies television shows. He would go to bed and put in a Beverly Hillbillies DVD and since it played over and over and over it would run all night! I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!
My FATHER'S DAY gift for him was a FREE 8 X 10 collage from Walgreens. I put lots of family members on the collage, not just his kids and grandkids. He loved it and can take it to his office. I love Walgreens and they offer FREE 8 X 10 collages quite often around holidays, all you have to do is create an account on their website and download your photos. They also offer 10 cent prints and other good photo deals!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mom's Lillies

Mom and I had a great time walking around her yard on a recent trip home. I missed all the iris in bloom, but got to see most of the lillies still showing their beauty. These are the steps down from the back yard to the patio. This over looks a roaring creek and expansive pasture land on the other side of the creek.
Along the way we looked over the fence at the various colors of lillies.
Mom has covered the hillside with lillies and hostas.
This is the view looking back up the steps toward the back of the house.
This is the peaceful scene from sitting on the front patio area. That is way more yard than I would ever want to mow, but my mom loves to mow. Just stay out of the way when she has that thing in drive! Note the bird feeders by the steps...
This is a close up photo of the bird feeders by the steps. These birds are so beautiful.
Check out the temperature. As soon as we got west of Tulsa our van said it was 104 outside. It was not hard to tell when we arrived in Western and windy!
Now for the temperatures in Western Oklahoma on 6-17-11 and it is suppose to be the same today!
This is what my car said when I got in to to go home after work!
This is what the bank temp was at the same time.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Baked Chicken Breasts & Potatoes

I found bone in chicken breasts on sale for 99 cents a pound. I got a package of French Fried Onions to put on the bake the chicken. First I washed the pieces of chicken and dried them. Next I rolled the breasts in egg and then put in a bag with the crushed French Fried Onions to coat the breasts. Sprinkle with Accent and black pepper.
Baked the breasts in 350 degree oven for approximately 1 hour until done.
My husband loves microwave baked potatoes. He washes the potatoes and pokes holes in them with a fork. Then he takes a gallon zip lock bag and adds a tablespoon or two of cooking oil. He puts the potatoes in the bag and sprinkles them with garlic salt. He rolls the potatoes around in the bag to make sure they are coated. He microwaves for 6 to 8 minutes until done.
We plated the chicken breasts, baked potatoes with sour cream and jalapeno peppers and some of Mom's home canned pickled beets. The baked chicken breasts were so moist and good. My husband loves red potatoes because they seem to have more flavor than white ones.
We cooked 4 chicken breasts and used 2 for supper and 2 to pack in our lunches for the next day. We also cooked extra potatoes to put in our lunches as well. Good stuff!