Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You Might Be A Redneck...Cooler Radio

My daughter sent me these photos of the COOLER RADIO her friend put together. It made me laugh and I told her it was a Jeff Foxworthy moment for sure....You Might Be A Redneck if you make your cooler into a radio. She said it was really awesome to take to the lake or on a picnic or any outdoor activity where you might want to listen to music. She said it really sounded good! It still makes me laugh.This is with the cooler lid open looking down at the working parts of the radio and boooooming speakers.
They are standing around admiring the invention.
It is cool to be able to pull it around with the handle and wheels.
OK...so where are you going to ice down the beer,
 now that you have turned the cooler into a radio?

Monday, July 30, 2012

S'more Golden Graham Treats

One of the girls brought these yummy treats to work and she shared the recipe with me.

S’more Golden Graham Treats1/4 cup butter
1 (10 oz) bag regular marshmallows
1 box of Golden Graham cereal
1-2 cups Chocolate Chips
In a large sauce pan, melt butter over medium heat.
Add marshmallows and keep stirring until the marshmallows completely melt and you get a marshmallow sauce. Remove from heat.
Add Golden Grahams and stir until they are all well coated. You can chose to crush some up before adding them if you want some smaller pieces.
Next stir in chocolate chips.
Grease a 9×13 pan and press S’mores down.
Once they are all pressed down and cooled, drizzle with some melted chocolate chips over if you would like for a prettier appearance.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hide A Way Campground and RV Park NW Arkansas

Hide A Way Campground and RV Park

8369 Campground Circle - Rogers, Arkansas
(479) 925-1333
(800) 209-0081

The Best in NW Arkansas

My "baby" brother, sister-in-law and niece own and operate Hide A Way Campground on Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas. If you enjoy camping or fishing this is the place to stay. There is also a swimming pool at the campground if taking a dip in the lake is not your thing.

The campground and RV park are open all year!  Make sure to call and make your reservations to get the dates that you want! Hope to see you soon! Have a wonderful summer season! Stay cool and have fun! If you are in the area, come and stay with us!
Nestled in 60 acres of natural scenic beauty on Beaver Lake, our family owned and operated Campground offers an array of amenities served with a large portion of Southern Hospitality.
• Full Service RV hook-ups
• Tent Sites near restrooms & hot showers
• Rental Cottages – Bring your own bedding
• Cabins
• General Store- Laundry
• Large Pavilion
• Recreation Room, Pool & Playground
• Boat Slips Available
• Trophy Striper Fishing – Guides Available
• Non Smoking Facilities
Located in the northwest corner of Arkansas, about 30 miles south of the Missouri State Line. From Interstate 540, take exit #86. Follow Hwy 12 East through Rogers and across the bridge over Beaver Lake about 10 miles, then turn left on Hwy 303 North to the Rocky Branch community and go 3.3 miles. From Eureka Springs, go south on Hwy 23 about 11 miles, then go west (right) on Hwy 12 about 12 miles. Take a right on Hwy 303 North to the Rocky Branch community and go 3.3 miles. The park will be on the east (right) side of the road.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shelby Mustang - 50th Anniversary

The other day I was traveling west on Interstate 40 and come up behind this truck and trailer. Of course it caught my attention, because my granddaughter's name is Shelby. I had to snap this photo. WOW, I did not realize that it was the 50th Anniversary of the Shelby Mustang! This has been her dream car, because it has her name on it.

Back in 1962, Carol Shelby built his first updated Mustang and now, as a celebration of their 50th anniversary, Shelby is offering a special edition Mustang in three different variants: the GTS, GT350, and Super Snake. Each model will be built in a limited run of 100 units, 50 white and 50 black, and will all be combined with gold racing stripes.

The most powerful version, the Super Snake, delivers a total of 750 HP and comes with a unique body kit, an upgraded interior, and a new set of wheels painted in matte black.

Prices for the new models are as follows: the Shelby GTS is priced at $19,995 for the V-6 and $24,995 for the V-8; the GT350 is priced at $59,995; and the Super Snake is priced at $59,995. All prices do not include the price for the standard 2012 Mustang GT or the Shelby GT500 for the Super Snake version.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Foto

My daughter received this postcard from her Aunt Cinda who was in New Zealand. This is of Motukokako Island, a rocky island off Cape Brett featuring a hole which boats can pass through. The Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Cinda wrote it was beautiful there, but cold. It is winter there!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ransom Font T-shirt

I took my grandaughter's t-shirt and placed a piece of contrasting t-shirt material inside. I put a piece of cardboard between the front and back of the shirt to avoid sewing them together. Then I freehand stitched a Ransom type font letters through both layers of material. This could be done with the children's name or with a design or many other things. I chose to make a THUNDER t-shirt.
After I got all the letters outline stitched, I took a pair of scissors and clipped the center out of the top t-shirt fabric. This allows the contrasting fabric to show through and gives a ransom looking message. You could make this cut out lettering look a lot better if you used the sewing machine, but I was playing with this while watching tv.
We were so proud of the OKC Thunder for making it to the NBA Finals!
What an honor for such a young team to come in second in the nation!
We are still proud to be the NBA Western Conference Champions!
Can't wait until next year!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

CLIF BAR - Energy Bar

These are really good bars. They are made with organic oats and soybeans.
I highly recommend them...they are much better than other bars I've eaten.

Check out their website. They have a lot of projects.

The package has a note from the Founder and Owner of Clif Bar & Company:

"Clif Bar is named after my father, Clifford, my childhood hero and companion throughout the Sierra Nevada mountains. In 1990, I lived in a garage with my dog, my skis, climbing gear, bicycle and two trumpets. The inspiration to create an energy bar occurred during a day-long, 175 mile ride with my buddy, Jay. We'd been gnawing on some "other" energy bars. Suddenly, despite my hunger, I couldn't take another bite. That's the moment I now call "the epiphany." Two years later, after countless hours in Mom's kitchen, Clif Bar has become a reality. And the mission to create a better-tasting energy bar was accomplished. Clif Bar has grown since 1990, and still the spirit of adventure that began on that ride continues to thrive each day. As the company evolves, we face many choices, yet we always do our best to take care of our people, out community, and our environment." - Gary

I found the Clif Bars in the pharmacy section of the local Wal-Mart, but I am sure you can find them in lots of other places.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The High Low Project

This is my new addiction! Sabrina Soto shows home owners a high end decorated room and then recreates the room on their budget. She actually borrows all the high end decor from stores, etc and puts it in the home owners room to show them the "fancy" stuff. See the photos below. The first is the high end furnishings and the second is the one Sabrina decorated on a budget. Check your local TV guide and watch The High Low Project.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Spicy Brown Mustard Pork Loin

We purchased this pork loin for $3.79 per pound.
There is no waste in center cut pork loin, so you get good value for the money.
Put a layer of thick sliced onions in the bottom of the roasting pan.
Add the pork loin and surround it with peeled cut up sweet potatoes.
Squeeze a layer of spicy brown mustard on top of the pork loin.
Top with a couple jalapeno peppers.
When I did this I was thinking the mustard would slide down in the roaster,
but it remained in a big pile on the top.
Somehow it still added wonderful flavor to the loin.
Cook at 300 degrees for 3 or 4 hours. We cooked this one 4 hours.
The end of the loin came off in hunks and the rest sliced.
Pork loin and sweet potatoes is one of our favorite easy meals to make.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Recycle Placemat into Bag

Placemat Shopping Bag design by Heidi Borchers
Placemats from World Market Cost Plus

Placemat Bag

  • Placemats 2 for the bag sides 13-½” x 19”
  • 1 partial placemat for the handles-you will need 2 strips- 2” x 21”
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle and thread (optional)
  1. To prepare handles, on each strip, fold back ½” on each edge and stitch.
  2. Place the two placemats for bag sides, wrong sides together. Overlap about 1” each at sides, stitch the overlapped edge together on outside of placemat. Repeat with opposite side. Stitch bottom edges of both placemats together. Note (If the thickness is to thick to get through sewing machine, stitch together with a needle and thread).
  3. Measure and mark the center of the top edge of the bag. One handle will be sewn on each side of bag (see photo for placement of handle) Place each handle approx. 3-¼” from center mark (there will be a 4-½“ space between handle). Each handle edge will be approx. 3-¼” from top edge. Pin to help hold until you stitch. Stitch into place, making sure all edges are lined up. When you stitch the handle on each side for extra hold also stitch an ’x’ inside first stitching.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Win A Free ipad3

Check out this giveaway to win ipad3

Site Name: The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug

Site URL: http://www.jmanandmillerbug.com
Prize Description: Win a iPad 3!
Entry deadline: July 31, 2012
Open to: US, 18+
Enter this giveaway here: http://jmanandmillerbug.com/2012/07/win-a-free-ipad3-connect-your-business.html

Lizzie Tu and her doll

Lizzie Tu found a Barbie doll and has decided it is her doll.
She drags it all over the house and plays with it.
She also has another smaller doll that ends up in our bed and other places.
She is the funniest cat.
She also has her shoestring there with her doll.
She was really wrestling with the doll in this photo.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bob Evans Side Dishes

Some people are lucky enough to have a Bob Evans restaurant where they live, but we don't. Our grocery store carries Bob Evans side dishes and once in a while we will pick them up when they are on sale. These two side dishes were on sale 2 for $6...yes, I know I can make mashed potatoes and mac and cheese lots cheaper. Some days you just need a break from cooking and still want good food. Bob Evans has a big variety of side dishes and everyone we have tried is good. So give yourself a break and try Bob Evans side dishes.
This mac and cheese says it serves 2, but it will serve at least 3 maybe 4.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I have been pulling the old blooms off my marigolds and just dropping them down in the salad bowl planters. The other day I noticed that those seed pods had started to grow new marigolds. I just love my salad bowl "planters" full of marigolds.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies

My husband brought me a Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pie home and it was so good. I love anything MADE IN OKLAHOMA and these fried pies are so good they have expanded their business to other states. I hope you can find a Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pie place near you.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Catfish - Summer Fun

You can tell when summer has arrived. The pond banks and lake shores are lined up with people trying to lure a fish onto their fishing poles. It is also a good way to have some fun family time. Tiffiany snapped these photos of the kids for me.
Just wishing for something to fill his net.
Strike a pose.
This is a catfish...
and this is a catfish...
but this is a real catfish!
Finally something in the net!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Symptoms of Serious Health Problems

I scanned this little booklet I received from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, The Office of Women's Health. If you can't read all of the information go to www.womenshealth.gov this stuff is important to you and your loved ones.