Monday, January 31, 2011

Steam Engine

Ardmore, Oklahoma in the South Central part of the state has some of the neatest sites to see and historic things they have saved, for the education of future generations. This steam engine is just one of the many things I enjoyed seeing on a trip down I-35 to Ardmore.
Can you imagine traveling on this once "modern" mode of transportation?

Ardmore,Oklahoma had two major disasters that destroyed most of the town. In 1895 a fire destroyed the town and in 1915 an explosion and fire destroyed it again. As the sign says this locomotive brought doctors and nurses to Ardmore after the 1915 explosion.
Ardmore is rich in history! Ardmore is the hometown of the Williams Family,  Bill Dalton-outlaw, Rue McClanahan-actress, S.N. Goldman-shopping cart inventor, Mark Gastineau-football player and Samuel Lloyd Noble-oilman.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Outdoor Amphitheater

McLain Rogers Park in Clinton, Oklahoma has one of the two remaining outdoor amphiteaters in the state. This 400 seat amphitheater was  built between 1934 and 1937 as part of the WPA. It has an impressive Art Deco brick entrance complete with neon letters that welcome visitors from Route 66.
National Register of Historic Places
The Amphitheater is a WPA masterpiece you need to see for yourself!
The amphitheater is not the only thing in McLain Rogers Park. You will also find putt-putt golf, pavilions, tennis courts, picnic tables, playgrounds, ball fields and lots of beautiful landscaping.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pork Loin

This is another version of a pork loin cooked in the crock pot. My husband put the pork loin in the crock pot with whole red potatoes and a whole onion before we left for work. He only seasoned with black pepper and salt on top of the loin. He put a cup of water in the pot to keep the loin from sticking to the bottom. He set the crock pot on high.
When we returned home 10 hours later the pork loin had the house smelling so wonderful.
He cooked Kentucky Wonder green beans with some of the crock pot juice to give them added flavor. Took the loin out of the pot to cool while he whipped up a batch of cornbread. This was a wonderful meal for a week night dinner.

Since the loin was too big for us to eat before we got tired of it, we put enough slices in ziplock freezer bags to have for dinner a couple more times. We also freeze extra meat such as loin or meatloaf to pack in our lunches. We just take them out of the freezer and put in our lunch plates the night before. By the time we are ready to microwave our lunch at work the meat has thawed and is perfect.

Another way he fixes pork loin in the crock pot is to pour half a can of pineapple in the bottom of the pot and then pour the other half of the can on top of the pork loin. This gives the pork loin and good flavor.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scrapbook Hints

I love to put together a scrapbook to give as a present commemorating a special event. I try to plan ahead and usually have a scrapbook or two on hand. I always check the scrapbook section of the store to see if they have any scrapbooks or supplies on sale. My favorite thing to do for a big event is to have those attending sign in on a few of the scrapbook pages rather than have a guest book. Then I can incorporate the pages right into the memory scrapbook of the event. This is one of the pages used at a surprise birthday party.
Another thing I have started doing is to find a scrapbook that has very colorful pages. I use a variety of craft scissors to cut around the photos and glue them directly on to the pages. Make sure you use acid free glue that is photo safe.  I love using stickers that say things, plus I hand write on the pages as well. When I first started scrapbooking I would cut the borders and back the photos and all kinds of extra work. Then I decided I like keeping it simple and they turn out just as neat.
Make sure when you are at the event that you pick up table favors and other items to include in your scrapbook. Leave several pages to add the greeting cards the person received at the end of the scrapbook. The goal is to put together a complete memory of the event.
There are so many types of scrapbooks and scrapbook page designs you can find the appropriate pages for the event or the person's personality.
If the scrapbook is about a special trip or vacation you can get maps of where you traveled and mark the route with a bright highlighter like I have below. If you cross several states make the pages next to each other so the route traveled will connect and continue.
You can also pick up brochures or other items from stops made along the way and include.
 Try to take photos when you stop at special places along the way.
Scrapbooks are fun! I get a lot of enjoyment out of putting together a gift of memories. I get amused at people who think a scrapbook has to be perfect, because they don't! A scrapbook should only show the love you have for the person who will be the recipient of the scrapbook. I promise they will not see it as having anything wrong with it! So if you do not scrapbook, it is time to start and have fun!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Stafford Air & Space Museum

Looking for a winter activity? I recommend a trip to the Stafford Air & Space Museum in Weatherford, Oklahoma just off Historic Route 66. The Stafford Air & Space Museum is the premier museum of its type in the southwestern area of the United States. The museum has some of the best flight exhibits and space artifacts in the country. The museum has expanded to 40,000 square feet since it was founded in 1981.
The museum mission is to promote the adventurous spirit of flight and space travel, while encouraging science and math excellence. It has an interactive aviation gallery that spans the history of flight, more than 20 historic aircraft, and exhibits displaying the history of rocketry. You can see the giant F-1 Saturn engine down through the Gemini and Mercury space programs, Explorer, Sputnik and other artifacts from the Shuttle program, Hubble telescope and the Mir Space Station. Many more exhibits than I have space to list in this post.
Thomas P. Stafford, Lieutenant General, USAF (RET.) NASA Astronaut (Former) was born in Weatherford, Oklahoma and has been instrumental in obtaining funding and displays for the museum named in his honor.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tomboy Tools

TOMBOY TOOLS are something every female should own. My sister-in-law has this set of Tomboy Tools that she obtained at a tool party. This photo of the tool box looks more orange than pink, because I did not have the right light when I snapped the shot. This tool box also doubles as a step stool and will hold 500 pounds and not tip over. It is just an awesome way to keep up with your tools, and since they are all pink most males would not be caught using them.
On the Tomboy Tool website  I found that you can buy all the tools individually and the tool box can be purchased with just the basics or empty. They also have power tools to use around the house and all kinds of DIY (do it yourself) tools for home improvement projects. At a Tomboy Tool party the hostess can earn points to use to purchase the tools at a discount price. They also offer DIY tips for how to actually do simple home repairs.
Two sizes of hammers, hacksaw, measuring tape, gloves, screwdrivers, pliers, safety glasses, box cutter, and all types of tools can be added to your personal tool box.

I recommend you go to the TOMBOY TOOLS website 
to check out all the neat pink tools and read about the ladies that started the company.

Monday, January 17, 2011

French Toast

6 pieces of bread
3 eggs
3/4 cup milk
sugar - optional only helps brown better
nutmeg - two shakes
1 teaspoon vanilla
dash salt
cinnamon - lots of it
Whisk all ingredients together (except the bread)
Dip bread pieces in egg mixture on both sides
Grill at 350 degrees
Flip over when it browns
Serve with syrup
This is another of my husband's culinary delights! He has never seen a recipe he didn't like.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Castor Bean

Last fall I took these photos of the Castor Bean Plant at the Heirloom Garden. This neat little "pocket garden" was created and kept up by community volunteers. They plant a variety of old time heirloom plants and flowers. I just think these plants are so neat.
Castor Bean plants are impressive. Their huge, 5 –11 lobed, star-shaped leaves can reach 3 feet in length. The plant’s coarse texture makes a bold statement in a garden, and contrasts nicely with fine textured companions. They look attractive in groups, or as individual specimen plants. There are numerous varieties of ornamental Castor Beans. Many have been selected for bright red or purple foliage, instead of typically green leaves. Leaf shapes and plant size distinguish other varieties. I am not sure what variety this plant might be, but it is really pretty.
Castor Bean flowers do not have petals and rely on the wind for pollination. The flowers are separate sexed flowers on the same plant. Flowers are found in clusters, with the male blossoms below and the female blossoms above. Male flowers senesce shortly after shedding their pollen, while the female flowers develop ½ -1 inch long capsules covered with soft spines. The capsules open at maturity, revealing 3 smooth, attractive, ½ inch long seeds that come in black, gray, brown, yellow-brown, maroon and white colors. Each seed seems to have its own unique color pattern. It is the seeds of Castor Bean plants that have been of interest. They contain a valuable oil, but also some extremely toxic compounds.
Castor oil makes up about 50% of the weight of the seeds. Most of the world’s production of castor oil goes into lubricants for fine machinery and auto engines, plastics, paints, inks, soaps, linoleum, dyes, leather preservatives, waxes, polishes, cosmetics, candles, and crayons. Hundreds of medicinal uses have been claimed over the years, with purgative, laxative, and general cure all properties cited most frequently. Ingesting large quantities of the oil can result in poisoning, and many medical professionals feel the oil is a dangerous ingredient in a variety of folk remedies.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spray Paint Clean Up

For some reason when I use spray paint, I end up with the paint all over at least two fingers and under my finger nails. I tried lots of things to get the paint off and ended up with red sore fingers. I do not like to use chemicals, so I just put up with the results of scraping the paint off.
One day after spray painting something I was at the sink washing my hands and trying to get the paint off. I looked up and saw the sponge. I put a little extra dish soap on the green scrubbing side of the sponge and the paint came off with out leaving my fingers sore! Duh...why did I not think of that sooner. It took half as much time and had better results. Hope you can use this tip.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


The kind does not matter white, green, yellow or red onions are all good. We eat them raw or cooked or cooked in something. We like the sweet ones and the not so sweet ones. Onions are a main stay in most of our meals. One of the first things I ask my husband, when we began dating 25 years ago, was his political affiliation and did he like onions. He passed both of those tests! 
My sister-in-law says when she was younger, and had not had time to get supper ready before her husband got home from work, she would quickly saute some onions to make the house smell like she was cooking. She said that would buy her time until she could get the meal fixed. My daughter believes that one should have sauteed onions with every meal too.
These two photos show the artistic beauty of the onion. I really took the photos because I could not believe we had an onion in our house long enough to sprout before we ate it!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Gloves are like socks...they seem to vanish. I try to always keep a pair of gloves in my vehicle, especially in the winter time, in case of emergency. You never know when you might need to protect your hand or just keep them warm.  Any time I walk by gloves that are on sale I get at least one pair. I generally have extra gloves on my shelf in case the grandkids are headed out to play in the snow and need them. They are the best at losing their gloves. I found a pair of cotton work gloves for 29 cents, with the thought my daughter could toss them in her car in case of emergency. She has her Dad's hands and needs large gloves. My daughter likes girly stuff, so I knew these plain brown gloves would get a snarl from her.
I took those plain brown gloves and stitched a little girly trim on them. Now she can toss them in her car and be a little more girly in case of emergency. Plus, if anyone else is wearing them she will know they are her gloves.
I already had the ruffle denim trim from a jeans purse I made one time. I trimmed the denim off and just left the flower like part to sew a "ring" on one glove. With the muted colors these gloves will be a fashion accessory for most outfits. Clinton and Stacy from What Not To Wear would probably toss them in the can, but for emergency wear they are just fine.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pearl Cabin - New Blog!

My friend Pat in Arkansas has started a new blog
she will have some interesting topics and awesome photos.
 I recommend you check out Pat's blog:
Be sure to sign up to be a follower on Pearl Cabin too.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This bench is made out of a old iron bed. I WANT ONE! I already have the bed so all I need is to take it to a welder and have them cut the end of the bed in two pieces and use them to weld to the head piece of the bed. (All you teachers reading this fix that sentence yourself. I hate punctuation!! It is a waste of time and energy...:)

I saw this bench in Elk City at the National Route 66 Museum. I loved it because, the seat part was made out of two by fours. The ones I had seen in the past used the beds side rails for a seat base and required a cushion. This one was great and could be out in all types of weather.
This is the side view of the bench. I WANT ONE!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Western Oklahoma Statues

Western Oklahoma has some of the most awesome outdoor art displayed for all to enjoy.
Buffalo in Elk City
Binding Contract - Cowboys shake hands over rail fence in Elk City
Note the oil derrick to the left of the cowboys. Downtown Elk City.
Longhorn displayed in Elk City.
Weatherford Library. This statue was made to allow the "rust" to run down on the base.
Thomas P. Stafford statue in front of the Air & Space Museum Weatherford, OK
Southwestern Oklahoma State University mascot statue "Duke"
Elk City, OK - Elk

These are only a few of the statues found in Weatherford and Elk City. Nearly every community in Western Oklahoma has a great piece of art on display, in the form of a bronze or other type of metal statue. These pieces of art have taken years to acquire and several thousands of dollars to create. We often just drive by not thinking how lucky we are to see such beautiful art on public display. Stop and take a closer look they are amazing!