Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fancy Fold Towels

You can have the "away from home feel" in your bathroom, just by folding your towels and washcloths like a hotel. I took one of these (hand towels and washcloth sets) and photographed the way to fold them.
First "fan fold" your washcloth.
Then fold one end of the hand towel up and fold into thirds.
You will be folding it so the "pocket" will be on the outside.
This is so simple, yet looks neat for you or your guests.
Next time you travel don't just take the usual photos...look around for other things too. My husband just cracks up laughing at me for taking photos of hotel room and stuff like this towel folding.

He also makes fun of me and his sister when we go to a hotel and move the furniture around. We tell him the housekeeping staff leaves it like that for cleaning and we want it to be functional.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reuse Newspaper

I was looking for ways to reuse the pile of newspaper, I had stacked next to my favorite chair, after I had read them.

I have always used newspaper pages to wrap presents. I would add bright colored ribbon or write on the newprint "Heard the are getting married or it's your birthday," depending on the occasion.

I have always used newspaper in the garden. Put the plant in the ground and then put the newspaper flat around the plant and add mulch to hold the newspaper down. Keeps weed out of the garden.

I have always used newspaper to put on tables, for the kids to do crafts or painting on and then just fold up and toss the mess when they are done.

In my search I found this article from Becky Striepe on the Care2 site. I am only listing her 15 ways to resuse newspaper, but you can read the entire article by clicking on the link at the end.

Becky Striepe is a green blogger and independent crafter with a passion for vintage fabrics. She runs a crafty business, Glue and Glitter, where her mission is to use existing materials in products that help folks reduce their impact without sacrificing style! She specializes in aprons and custom lunch bags.
Rather than toss all of that paper in the recycle bin, you can reuse old newspaper around your home and in the garden!

1. Clean windows or glass. Dip crumpled newspaper into water mixed with a splash of white vinegar, and clean those windows up without any streaks or harmful chemicals!

2. Burn it up. Instead of a starter log in the fireplace or at a bonfire, use tightly rolled pieces of newsprint instead.

3. Make a weed barrier. If you’re building a raised bed, lay out pieces of newspaper before you fill it up with dirt. The paper will help keep weeds from invading.

4. Wrap some gifts. It’s fun to go through your papers to find cute and colorful pages to use as gift wrap. When I was a kid, we loved wrapping presents up in the Sunday funnies.

5. Pack it up. Instead of plastic bubble wrap, wrap valuables in newspaper for shipping, and pad your box with more crumpled paper. You can take it a step further and include some ideas in the package for how your recipient can reuse all of that paper, too!

6. As origami paper. Cut your newspaper into squares and get folding! Newsprint is great at holding folds. Just be gentle, since it’s a bit more prone to tearing than store bought origami paper.

7. In the fridge. Keep the bottom of the veggie drawer from getting nasty by lining it with newspaper. It will absorb liquid and odors.

8. For ripening fruit. If you’ve picked up some under-ripe peaches, avocados, or other fruit, wrap them in newspaper to ripen them more quickly. Paper bags also work for this.

9. Shine on. Give the shine back to your stainless steel sink by gently scrubbing it with wadded up, wet newspaper.

10. Compost it. Newspaper makes great bedding for a worm bin. Tear into strips and let those red wigglers turn it into gardening gold!

11. Papier mache. Get crafty with that old newsprint! You can make all sorts of fun papier mache projects, like a piƱata (pictured above) or cool bangle bracelets.

12. Donate them. Your local animal shelter can use newspapers to line their cages. Some even shred them up to use as kitty litter, when the budget is tight. You can also donate them to thrift stores, where they’ll use them to pack up fragile items that sell.

13. Line the puppy crate. Dog owners who are crate training can use old newspapers to line the puppy crate. It makes cleanup much easier when your sweet pup has an accident.

14. Make handmade paper. Grab your blender and turn old newspaper into pretty, recycled paper. Handmade paper is great for making invitations and little cards. You can also mix some seeds into your paper pulp to turn newsprint into recycled seed paper that your recipients can plant!

15. Spin it into yarn. Feeling crafty? If you’ve got a spindle handy, you can whip up recycled newspaper yarn, then knit or crochet your paper into anything you like!

Becky has several more articles on the Care2 site. You can also follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Where I learned to drive...

This is one of the highways in Arkansas I learned to drive on...two lanes, lots of curves, up and down hills and no shoulder on the road. This is the better of the two highways that led out of the town where I grew up. The other highway had sharper curves and more hills. I laugh at the teens learning to drive in Western Oklahoma, because for the most part it is flat with straight roads. As you look at these photos check out the road signs...first one direction and then the other with curvy road ahead signs along the way. Thanks to my daughter for driving while to took these.
One final curve ahead and then we are straight into town!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chicken Fried Steak w/ Onion Gravy

I always scan the meat counter and look for the orange "reduced" tag on the packages of meat. If I do not plan on using the meat right away, I put it in the freezer. As you can see on this package of round steak I saved $2.35 just by looking for the reduced price.
Just because meat has a reduced tag does not mean it is not fresh. Usually it still has the same sell by date. Just make sure it is still "bright" colored and has no brownish spots.
My husband seasons his all purpose flour with garlic powder and pepper. Then he puts the round steak into the flower and coats both sides. He does not use egg or any thing other than flour on his chicken fried steak. He says that using the other dredges only adds more "breading" and he does not like the extra breading.
He puts the coated pieces of round steak on a rack to "rest," so the flour sticks better, before frying. He heats the oil in the skillet so it is ready before placing the round steak in the pan.
He fries the meat 7 or 8 minutes on each side until it is done.
He places the cooked meat on a rack to allow the grease to drip off.
He washed and cut up red potatoes with the skins left on. Boiled them until they were done, using a fork to test for softness. He drained the water off the potatoes. Since he was using his PAULA DEEN pan he added a stick of BUTTER and a little milk to the potatoes and mashed them with his hand masher.
These potatoes with the skins left on are really good!
After he got the meat fried he used the left over oil to make onion gravy. He put a chopped up onion in the oil and sauteed for a few minutes until tender. Then he added flour and milk and stirred until bubbly. He makes a really thick gravy, that is just awesome.
He served his chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy and corn. Yummy! This is my husband says if you are proud of your chicken fried steak you put the gravy under the steak.....I still like mine on top. Also in the south they have country fried steak with brown gravy and in our area it is chicken fried with white gravy.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Early Morning Frost

The early morning frost in Northwest Arkansas was just beautiful.
This is a photo I took out of my bedroom window at my Mom's house.
This is part of her front yard. The trees are just so pretty.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Embroidery Hoop Photo Frame

Embroidery Hoop Photo Frame
When I was at my Mother's house I looked up on the wall and spied this neat craft item. It is at least twenty years old, because the kids in the photo are now grown! With the current embroidery hoop crafts I have seen on the various blogs, I thought you might like this one too.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


These are my blessings:
Granny's Love with Thanksgiving turkey he colored for me.
Our Daughter
Grandson and Son
Grandson with his Girlfriend

Me and our Great Granddaughter
Our Oldest Daughter
Our Son-In-Law
My friend who accepts me just as I am...and her grandson
Husband (THE COOK)
Grace and I our grandkitty

I am blessed to have such a wonderful family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving to all those who read this blog and thank you for your comments along the way. I am thankful for all my blessings.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Spice Apple Dump Cake

1 large can crushed pineapple
1 can apple pie filling
1 (2 layer size) spice cake mix
1/2 cup chopped nuts (optional)
1 or 2 sticks of margarine
Butter the bottom and sides of a 9 X 13 X 2 inch pan.
Dump undrained crushed pineapple into pan and spread out evenly.
Dump apple pie filling on top of crushed pineapple and spread out best you can.
Sprinkle dry cake mix on top of pie filling.
Cut butter into 1/4 inch squares and place on top of dry cake mix.
Sprinkle with nuts.
Bake at 350 degrees for one hour.
This cake is so easy to make!
This cake can also be made with yellow cake mix, pineapple and cherry pie filling. My husband loves chocolate cake mix, with pineapple and cherry pie filling. My daughter loves yellow cake mix, with pineapple and blueberry pie filling, but it turns a greenish hue. The thing is you can use what ever cake mix and pie filling you like to make this dump cake.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Water Bottle Ornament

Water Bottle Ornament
Cut the bottom off a plastic water bottle
Cut strips around the edge
Flatten the edges
Put some type of decoration in the middle
 (I used a bow on each side of this one)
Attach floral wire or some type of hanger
This is the type of craft project that is fun for children and can be made in many ways.
These look cool hanging because they catch the light. They could be hooked together and put a letter in the middle of each to spell out Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas for a banner.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Win Food Network Stars Cookbooks

All-Star Cookbook Sweepstakes

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pie Tin Ornaments

Pie Tin Ornaments
Pie Tin
Cookie Cutters
Hole Punch
Draw around cookie cutters on the bottom of the pie tin.
Cut out the shapes and punch a hole in the top of the ornaments.
Glue sequins on both sides of the tree and snowman.
Add a little scrap of ribbon on the snowman for his scarf.
Draw lines with a red sharpie on the stocking.
Tie ribbon on the top of each ornament and it is ready for the Christmas tree.