Thursday, September 9, 2010

Band Uniform Quilt

My daughter was in the school band for seven years, so she had the opportunity to wear the Junior High school band uniform and the High School band uniform many times. Some time after she had graduated college, the school decided to get rid of the old uniforms and purchase new ones. I went to the school and proudly brought home her old uniforms! She thought I had lost my mind. "What are you going to do with those?"

The uniforms hung quietly in the garage for a few years, until one day I had an AAAAHA moment! I got my little cardboard square quilt block pattern out and went to whacking away at those uniforms! I will show her what I am going to do with these things!!! I made squares out of every usable inch of those band uniforms. I also included fabric scraps left from Christmas vests I had made for the girls one year, Valentine vest scraps, I cut up an old shirt my stepdad wore to her fourth birthday party and the balance of the quilt scraps were from her old clothes. Recycle! Oh this quilt had lots and lots of memories stitched together, with all my love in every stitch!

This king size quilt turned out quite bright and she was very happy with the finished product. She has long since stopped asking me what I plan to do with something. I don't know if it is because she does not care or fearful of the answer.

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