Saturday, September 25, 2010

What are these bugs?

OK...these bugs are bugging me! What the heck are they?
They are crawling on the storm door, so I took this photo from inside the house.
I took this photo from outside, but the reflections got me!
Here is a better photo of the bugs that are bugging me!
It is two bugs hooked together...they must be doing the wild thing?
One bug will walk and "pull" the other bug along.
There are lots of them and from the looks of things there will be more later!
Do you know what kind of bugs these happen to be?


  1. I think they are Texas / LA sex bugs. Seriously. I heard they are moving north.

  2. Hi girlfriend,
    Here's your answer about your little friends in the yard, they are a nuisance but not harmful. and