Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cookie Jars

My Mom has a few cookie jars as shown in the photos below. I found that the cookie jar can be traced back to 18th centruy England where they originated as biscuit jars. A biscuit was known at that time as a small tea cake or scone which translates in the U.S. as cookie. These jars were used to store the biscuits to keep them fresh. By the turn of the century they had made their way to stores and bakeries in America.
In 1929 the Brush Pottery Company of Zanesville, Ohio introduced what is believed to be the first ceramic cookie jar. Early cookie jars were very simple cylindrical or bean pot shapes with little or no decoration. Marketing departments in various companies decided more attractive jars would sell better. Soon designs were produced featuring figures of people, fruits, vegetables, animals and cartoon characters.
During the years from 1940 to 1070 cookie jar production and sales climed to the roof.
Two giants of the industry were McCoy Potteries and American Bisque of Williamston, West Virginia.
Additional cookie jar manufacturers of the era were Red Wing, Regal China, Brush, California Originals, Metlox, Hall, Abingdon,Treasure Craft, Doranne of California, Robinson-Ransbottom, Hull, Twin Winton and Shawnee Pottery.
Some of the cookie jars in Mom's collection are much older than others.
The Little Red Riding Hood below is my personal favorite.
This rooster would fit in with all the rooster kitchen decor I see around today.
I hope you have enjoyed this little bit of cookie jar history and seeing just a few of the various types of cookie jars. Next time you are at a yard sale, auction, antique store or other stores look at the cookie jar selection! My problem with cookie jars around here is that they would always be empty. When my husband shops he writes L-O-N on his list......that means he is going to buy a package of Lemon creme cookies, Oreos, and Nutter Butter cookies!

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