Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kids Meal "Toy"

Granny's Love is just like any other little boy, and looks forward to getting a toy of some sort when he orders a kids meal. Well, I finally discovered the most worthless kid's meal toy on earth on a recent trip to Arby's. It should have gone straight to the cardboard recycling bin! It was a punch out Fire Truck with those little tiny tabs, that have to be inserted into a tiny little slit, in another part of the truck to eventually get it put together! OMG!!!  OK.....it took nearly an hour and the use of scotch tape to keep it together and repair the parts I tore in the process!!!
Granny's Love could tell I was not a happy camper and told me, "It's ok Granny it is only trash anyway." How sad is that? He knew it was a piece of trash!
The "ladders" never did work right, but here is the put together Fire Truck. The package warns only for 3+years old. Well, it should say only for 3+ and NOT for Granny's to attempt assembly!
On the outside of the Arby's Kids Meal sack it shows an inflatable ax, fireman specs, fireman's badge, fire safety deck, and a hydrant squirter...that could have been in our meal...but oh no we got the paper fire truck!
I do like the message on the bottom of the Kids Meal sack....Dream big and maybe you will grow up to be a firefighter! Firefighters and policemen/women are the bravest people on the planet. The positive in this is that they are attempting to teach fire safety to children.

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  1. This just looks like more than I could stand! I'm so proud of you for getting it together, no matter what it took!