Sunday, June 12, 2011


Making the long trek into the city is boring, and seems to last forever. Now that our granddaughter has her driver's license, we can get her to do the driving for us once in a while. THIS IS THE LIFE! I get to sit in the back seat and enjoy the trip.

She has learned to place her hand on the steering wheel so that her arm blocks my view of seeing how fast she is going. It makes her crazy if I tell her she is speeding a little. That only comes from years of driving a vehicle to know the feel of the different speeds.
I still do not ride well and find my self giving driving tips. She told me a couple times on this trip that she wished I could ride like her Poppy, and keep my thoughts to myself. Cracked me up...bless his heart he can't see what she is doing.

He is the one who rode through the city, the first time with our daughter, 19 years ago when she only had her driver's permit! He just has nerves of steel when it comes to his kids and grandkids.

We have been lucky that both daughters and our granddaughter went through driver's education and turned out to be good drivers. They have all three been involved in auto accidents over the years. Knock on wood, none of them have been at fault and sometimes I have wondered if there was a big target on their vehicles.

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