Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oldest Daughter

When our oldest daughter came into our lives, she was a gift. Today is her 34th Birthday.
I was lucky I did not have to go through labor to have her. My friend Bonnie did that for me.
Getting her through high school was rather laborious, because she really was not fond of going to school. You have no idea of the pride I felt when both of our girls walked across that stage. Now she goes to school everyday! She works with special needs students and is the school district coordinator for the Special Olympics. She is really good with those children.
She loves to change her hair color and length quite often as shown in these photos. Blonde, red and red and blonde. There is never a dull moment when she is around. She and I often disagree, because she acts just like me some of the time. Not a good thing. She is the mother of Granny's Love, aka our grandson, and our only Granddaughter.....that is the true gift of life!
Granny's Love and Our Granddaughter


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  1. Very Happy Birthday,My Best Wishes to You,Looking Pretty,thanks for your article...