Monday, August 15, 2011

Card Table

Card tables have been in my life as long as I can remember. My mother always has a half a dozen of them and I have no less than two at any given time. On a visit to the Western Oklahoma Historical Center (520 West Main, Weatherford, Oklahoma), I saw this wonderful old card table. It was not like any I had ever seen before. It obviously had been used to raise funds for some project long ago. I figured the size of the advertising must have indicated the amount donated, by each business listed on top of the table.
On one corner was this information. Maybe it was a VFW fund raiser?
This was a neat ad on one of the center triangles. The funeral home where my daughter and now my granddaughter work part time was founded by R.L. Lockstone, and ran for many years by his son Stony. Now it is operated by Stony's son Marty and his son Adam.
This Wright's Service Station ad grabbed my attention because of the telephone numbers.
Then I looked at the Berrong ad and I guess they had two numbers one for in town and one for rural. Just think how fast the kids could text if they only had one or two numbers to punch! LOL
There were so many other neat features about this table. It was made of wood and in very good shape for its age. The Western Oklahoma Historical Center and Western Plains Weatherford Genealogical Society are both places to visit that you can take a step back in history, and find neat things like this old card table.

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