Friday, August 5, 2011

Don't toss the dill pickle juice!

Don't toss the dill pickle juice when you eat all the pickles. Pour it into ice trays and freeze it. Dill pickle juice is good for an upset stomach, leg cramps and hangovers. They actual make picklepops and sports drinks with pickle juice. The frozen juice just tastes better.
My daughter taught at a school where they froze dill pickle juice in those little medicine cups and sold it at the concession stand at ballgames. They ran out of frozen pickle juice everytime.
Once you freeze the juice put it in a plastic zip lock bag and store in the freezer. It is good to have in the ice chest when traveling in case there is someone with motion sickness.
Do you have any other ideas for pickle juice? Leave a comment on this blog and share your idea.


  1. My bf swears by dill pickle juice for hangovers. Been using it since he was 17 & he is now 47!