Friday, August 26, 2011

Hand Grenade Drink

My daughter's friend Tiffiany made a trip to New Orleans, and found what she and my daughter swear is the best drink on the planet. They sent these photos to share the information. BUT, the catch is you MUST order the drink mix from the Tropical Isle!! So, she went on line to and ordered the mix.

Mmmmm...don't know what all the remotes and candy bar have to do with drinking this???

As you can see they only mixed a "little" ??
And just in case you are tempted to try and look up how to make the drink with out ordering the special mix.....don't even think about the following information:
The One and Only
Hand Grenade®
New Orleans Most Powerful Drink™

This secret recipe was invented by French Quarter nightclub owners Pam Fortner and Earl Bernhardt in 1984. The drink has a federally Registered Trademark and no GRENADE™ may be sold in the U.S., the Bahamas or Mexico, other than Tropical Isle® or its licensees.
Tropical Isle's® Trademark is protected by the copyright firm of Gregory H. Guillot, Chartered, a Washington D.C. intellectual property law firm.

This great tasting melon flavored drink is sold in exclusive souvenir cups and Hand Grenade shaped one-half yards, on the rocks or frozen.

So, come on down to the most fun place on the face of the planet- Bourbon Street and the French Quarter- where the party never ends, there are no closing hours, and you can walk down the street with your Hand Grenade® and no one cares!
NEW ORLEANS MOST POWERFUL DRINK™ is also New Orleans' most popular drink. People come from all over the world to enjoy this powerful concoction- BUT BEWARE!

Any drink or recipe for a drink purported to be a HAND GRENADE® or GRENADE® is a FAKE unless it comes from one of our New Orleans locations. DON'T try one of these illegal "recipes" on the Internet- not only is it unlawful to display these recipes in the United States, but they taste putrid. Legal recourse is being pursued against these imposters.

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