Saturday, October 27, 2012

Daughter would not even pretend...

When my daughter was in second grade the teacher was trying to teach about the importance of elections. The teacher was dividing the class into Democrats and Republicans and they were going to do a mock election in the class. The teacher told my daughter she was going to be the Republican candidate. My daughter told her NO. The teacher said, but it is just pretend. And my daughter said, that is not something you even pretend. She was not even going to pretend to be a Republican!
Then the teacher was explaining all the different levels of government from the county level up. My daughter was able to tell her all the names and offices of the county government officials and also all the state officials. The teacher was totally shocked. She could not believe that a child that age even knew about that kind of stuff. What that teacher didn't know is that my daughter had been around all those people from the day she was born. She had been to fund raisers and rallies and all those people "babysat" her, while I was at those events doing the decorating or serving or whatever was needed for a successful event.

My daughter could not wait to turn 18 to be able to register to vote. She was so excited to be able to cast a vote for Bill Clinton, someone she had known all her life. She was also honored when Bill Clinton sent her a letter congratulating her for turning 18 and being old enough to vote. She will always be a "Yellow Dog Democrat," because she knows how important the programs they support are to the everyday person. She is amazed that grown people can't see what she knew in second grade. That they would support that other party that is always trying to take away the rights of the people. 

My daughter framed her letter from Bill Clinton with the White House birthday greeting and proudly displays it in her living room at her house.



  1. Wow. OK, HOW did she know Bill Clinton all her life? Are you a secret government official behind this blog??

  2. I love this story! Your daughter was a smart cookie at a young age! :D