Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How do you put TP on the roll?

My oldest daughter posted this question on her Facebook...
How do you put the toilet paper on the roll?
Of course, this triggered one of my pet peeves...put it on the RIGHT way!
The toilet paper should come OVER the top of the roll.
If I sit down and find the toilet paper on backward coming out from behing the roll I have to change it before I use it. Do you think this is one of those OCD things from yesterday's post? OK, I have taken a couple of photos to show the design on the toilet paper to illustrate why it is suppose to come over the roll. See the hearts and roses? In order for the design to be right side up the toilet paper must come over the top of the roll.
Hearts and roses or what ever the design it needs to be right:)
Think about it even when you go to a motel, and they make that little fold on the cheap toilet paper it is over the top of the roll.


  1. Do you think is could be designed this way so the paper stays cleaner? After all, it doesn't touch the wall this way!