Saturday, October 6, 2012

Halloween Foam Craft Card

Make this Halloween Foam Craft Card with your children. You can make the shape of a pumpkin like I did on this card or you could use black paper and white foam and make a ghost card. Any shape that is simple would be fun to make.
Piece of construction paper or card stock
Orange and Green Foam Sheets
Sharpies or crayolas
Hole Punch
First I cut my folded paper to fit in a envelope.
Then I drew a outline of the pumpkin
and colored in the eyes and mouth.
Next, I punched and punched and punched out the foam sheet dots.
Starting with little sections I applied the glue stick
 and put the foam dots on the pumpkin.
5" X 7" finished card.
You can write a personalized Halloween message inside!

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