Saturday, October 20, 2012

Trying to Photograph My Cats

Trying to photograph my cats is quite a feat. They do not cooperate.
It reminds me of trying to photograph my kids when they were little.
They look away about the time I snap the photo.
I have seen cat photos with the cats in perfect pose or wearing outfits.
Not my cats!
Check out the mean look Callie Ann is giving me in this photo.
I caught Lizzie Tu asleep on the back of my chair for this photo.
She is such a dark gray color I need her under lots of light for photos.
Callie Ann is standing on top of my keyboard in this photo.
I cropped it to just her face using
I got up really close and woke Lizzie Tu up for this photo.
You can tell she was NOT amused to be woke up:)
My daughter's cat Grace is always posing!

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  1. I have such trouble getting my cats to sit still for photos! Yours are so adorable. :)