Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Granddaughter's Birthday

Today is my Grandaughter's Birthday...
This is a collage of photos I framed for her many years ago,
 with photos of her Nana and Papa and Mom.
I took a plain mat and added stickers and used a sharpie to write her name.
This collage of framed photos are some of her favorites, because of the photos
of her Nana and Papa who both passed away at a very young age.
This is a recent family photo.
This is the love of her life!
A couple of different years, I made her a really big cake.
(Note that it is almost as wide as the picnic table.)
I took three 9 x 13 cakes and put them side by side on a board
and then iced them as one big cake. On this eleventh birthday
cake I used miniature marshmallows to put around the edge
and to write her name on the top of the cake. Another time I used
pink candy hearts made out of almond bark to write her name and
put around the edge of a white iced cake. She loved her big cakes.
Her Mom had this Sweet Sixteen cake made for her sixteenth birthday.
It was a really heavy cake.

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