Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Foto

I love coffee cups. I love giving people coffee cups as gifts. I have my coffee cup I drink out of on weekday mornings. I have a coffee cup that sits on the warmer at my desk, at the office. I have my coffee cup I drink out of on weekends. Years ago I had an entire wall of coffee cups hanging on one wall of my kitchen. I still have a couple of boxes of coffee cups packed up in the garage. Most of all I love personalized coffee cups with photos of those I love on the cup.
These four coffee cups belong to my husband. I gave them to him as gifts, and he loves each one of them. I have noticed that he alternates drinking out of them.
Next time you need an inexpensive gift (under $20 with shipping) give a personalized coffee cup. I order my photo coffee cups from Walgreens and have them shipped directly to the person who is receiving the gift. These can be used for birthdays, thank you gifts, or any type of occasion where you want to let someone know they are special.

My favorites are the two above on the left where I put a collage of photos on one cup. With the Walgreens website all you do is set up an account and download your photos. Then you pick the type and size of cup, the background color and add your photos. You can also add a message to the cup, but I would rather have the room for the photos.

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