Tuesday, January 17, 2012


One pound package elbow macaroni
One pound hamburger meat
One medium or large onion
Four cans chopped tomatoes
Two cans whole kernal corn
One twelve ounce can tomato juice
Black Pepper to taste

Cook macaroni according to package directions and drain. Put the macaroni in a dutch oven type pot. While the macroni is cooking chop the onion and cook it together with the hamburger meat. Drain the grease off the cooked hamburger. Now dump the hamburger and onion, tomatoes, corn and tomato juice in with the macaroni. Stir until mixed together. Simmer until everything is hot and flavors have had a chance to blend. Be careful to not let it stick to the bottom of the pan.

This is one version of GOULASH. I have made it a zillion different ways, but the basic stuff is macaroni, hamburger meat, onions and tomatoes. Sometimes I use tomatoes with green chilis in them or I will add green bell pepper or what ever I might have on hand. Some people add chili powder to their GOULASH. No matter how you make it, GOULASH is a great winter comfort food.


  1. My husband loves goulash! I've never made it, though. This sounds a lot easier than I thought it would be...

  2. This most certainly is not goulash! For starts true goulash is a soup! and it always contains paprika.

    1. LOL...the photo does not look like it, but it is really a soup type dish...this is the way we made it growing up...like I said different people add different stuff...I like the paprika idea too. I bet smokey paprika would be good too. Thanks for the comment and for reading.