Saturday, March 2, 2013

Black & Decker Coffee Pot

My husband and I needed a new coffee pot, because our was dying! It took forever to make the coffee and then continued to make crazy noises after it was done. We took a trip to an out-of-town Walmart for a few other items and found this great Black & Decker coffee pot. Now, I have to confess I am extremely husband brings me coffee the minute my feet hit the floor in the mornings. It might be self-defense on his part, because I am NOT a morning person. We have always had a coffee pot with a timer so the coffee is ready when we wake up. Just put in the coffee and water the night before and set the timer.
This coffee pot has nice big buttons and nice big time display so we can both read what they say. I have decided that most electronic appliances have been programed to stop working after about one year, or that has been our experience. Lucky for us this model was listed on the shelf as $19.92, but when we check out it rang up for $16.00!
I would recommend this coffee pot. Easy to operate and worth the money.

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  1. My husband does the same, except with tea. I am definitely not a morning person either!