Monday, April 8, 2013

Boys will be Boys

I was talking to my son the other day and he was telling me about how the kids in his neighborhood all seemed to congregate at his house. He had looked out and had ten kids playing in his yard. He said he could not believe that the parents just let the kids stay so long. And how he had told a couple of them, that were suppose to be home by five, that it was time for them to go home.
I was just listening to all of his story with a smile on my face. It is funny how he has forgotten that when he was that age he would take off and go play for hours at a time. He said they do not let their boys get out of sight of the house and that they were not allowed to ride their bike any farther than the end of the street. Again, I was smiling remembering how he would ride off to the neighborhood school grounds or down to the local park without permission.
Grandsons Blake, Chase, Austin
Now take a look at this these three boys look like they would do any of the things my son use to do at their age. Do they look like they would disobey their parents? Do they look like they would forget to go home when it was time to leave? Do they look like they could get into mischief? Now I am laughing...I remember the old backs are hell.

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