Sunday, April 28, 2013

Custom T-Shirts for Scout Trip

When my Grandson's Cub Scout pack planned an overnight trip to OKC they ordered t-shirts. Some how my Grandson's shirt was not with the order when it was delivered! So, since his sister was planning to go on the outing with him we made them shirts with the same message and similar paw prints. First his mom found the paw print stamp and paint to use with the stamp. I got a paint pen to write with, but it ran out very quickly and I ended up just using a sharpie for the words. No, it is not as professional as the printer lettering, but my Grandson thought it was great that he and his Sissie have matching shirts. I used a cardboard box bottom, wrapped in foil to put in the inside middle of the shirt to keep the paint and ink from going through and to have a firm surface to do the stamping and writing. I used a paint brush to put the paint on the stamp it was much easier and got better coverage on the stamp.
I actually made him two shirts...they were only $4 each.
This is the front of his sister's shirt and the back of his shirt.
I did the prints like they were on the shirts the pack had printed.
If I had created the design I would have make the prints
going UP on the front
and DOWN on the back...oh well...

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