Monday, May 27, 2013

New Direction Gateway Columns

Our community is under-going revitalization...
the headlines tout that Main Street is to get a facelift.
They plan to make bump-out areas for little flower beds,
redo sidewalks, bury utility lines, etc.
All this is expected to take 120 days, while the downtown
parking is all blocked off and it is not worth the effort to try to get
to the merchants for shopping. Nuff said.
Facelift = Tax Payers Paying for Construction
And then there are these...
We have this first set on the far east side of the community.  
And this one at the confusing intersection...
this is the only one that I see provides a value to our town.
And then they went nuts...
I don't know how much these frickin things cost,
but these two, one block off Main Street are too much!
These two are suppose to be
To welcome people to SWOSU...but in the mean time
they have cut out much needed parking places.
They are also adding the flower beds on each side on each corner.
The north side of the columns say Route 66
and the south side show SWOSU and the Bulldog mascot.
Can't wait to see where they plan to put more of these

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