Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pearl Cabin Blog...check it out

My friend Pat has a cool blog and she shares some really neat ideas on how to reuse or repurpose all kinds of items for her home. Such cool ideas on a REALLY SMALL budget. This is just one of her neat projects. Check out her blog at
Table from BBQ Grill and Speaker Stand
"I have two really cute vintage swiveling bar stools and decide they would look lovely in an empty corner in the living room. And they did. But something seemed to be missing and I thought a tall table would be the finishing touch. I started looking around for items I had around the house that could be used.

I found an old speaker stand and round grate from a BBQ Grill.  Perfect! I covered a small wood block with a scrap of fabric using a staple gun. I centered the grate over the side of the block with the staples. The speaker stand had a hole in each corner. I turned it upside down on top of the grate and attached it to the wood block with screws. To keep the grate more stable, I used clips used to attach speaker wire to the baseboard. I positioned them so that the clip fit over the wire grate and nailed them to the wooden block.

When it was flipped over, I had a small height-adjustable table! It completed the corner perfectly."
Pat Clayton Designs at Pearl Cabin

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