Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grace - Cat Tails

Grace is my daughter's cat. Grace was rescued from a box of kittens at the Wal-Mart parking lot in OKC. Grace is certainly the "boss" at my daughter's house. She is spoiled to the point of having a water fountain to drink out of that pumps the water out in a continuous stream. She also likes to get up in the bathroom sink and have the water turned on for her to drink from the spout. As you can see in these photos Grace likes to be a part of everything going on in the house. She loves to get places where she does not belong. And if you disturb what she is doing she is not a happy camper. She is forever giving us this "WHO ME" look!
Grace leaped up in the cabinet when my daughter got a bowl out and left the door open.
Grace in a cabinet drawer when we were packing to move my daughter from an apartment to her first home. Grace thought all the boxes and packing materials were just for her to play.Look how long her tail is....she has the longest tail of any cat I have ever seen.
Here is Grace on one of the packing boxes checking to see if we were doing things the way she wanted us to do. She checked every box that was packed.
Here Grace is helping my daughter wrap dishes. She would jump on the paper and hold it down so my daughter could not wrap. Grace thought it was a new game just for her to play.
Every time I visit my daughter, Grace flops down on the floor and pulls herself to me....she acts so pitiful, like she has really missed me. One time when I was there I rolled her ball back and forth across the floor toward her. From that day on she has played with the ball. I told my daughter it just took her Granny showing her how the ball worked. She is NOT a graceful cat and leaps and falls off stuff all the time. Grace does not like human food, except cheese puffs...she comes running when she hears a bag being opened. She does not eat them she just wants to lick the cheese off them. Oh people have to be careful when petting Grace...I have pulled back a bloody hand more than once!
Here is Grace being "the Queen" on the boxes when she moved to her new house.
Grace waking up and doing her stretch routine.
This is Grace on the back of her love seat. It is her favorite place to take cat naps during the day. At night she sleeps in the real bed. She is a funny cat. Like most cats she has her owner trained well. If it is not Grace's idea just forget about it, cause it ain't gonna happen. We all love our spoiled cat...Grace.

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  1. Grace is so very beautiful! No surprise she is spoiled by your daughter!
    These are such beautiful pictures of her you have posted. I have enjoyed looking and reading.