Friday, May 27, 2011

I want Ice Cream!

OH DEAR! For the past few days, after posting the Hershey's chocolate story on this blog, the bottle of Hershey's syrup in the refrigerator door has been yelling at me every time I open the door! I have tried so hard to NOT have ice cream in the house, but enough is enough! When my husband went to the store I made sure ice cream was on his list. I am a ice cream fanatic! I love ice cream! Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, walnut, chocolate chip, mint chip, peppermint, banana, etc. it does not matter what flavor if it is there I want it!
As soon as my husband and I got home from the store, he filled this bowl with vanilla ice cream. I grabbed that bottle of chocolate syrup around the neck and poured it all over that bowl of ice cream. Spoonful by spoonful it was so wonderful. Just what I wanted. OH DEAR!

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