Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1st

1973 - My son turns one and my Daddy turns 40. My son was born on my dad's birthday! These were some of the last photos taken before our world turned upside down. These photos of my little boy were taken on his birthday July 1st. OMG...was he too cute or what??? Poor little guy his legs were not long enough to reach the peddles on the tractor. Now he is a head and a half taller than I am and looks a lot like photos of my dad when he was younger.
Happy Birthday Erick

This photo of my Daddy was taken in the spring of 1973.
One month and five days after my Daddy turned 40 on July 1, 1973 he passed away on August 6, 1973. Hard to believe it has been 38 years without him and harder to believe that my baby boy is 39 years old!! HAPPY 39th BIRTHDAY ERICK!

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